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Author: Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies Newsroom/Blog

Elijah School of the Prophet Institute now known as Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies was founded in 2000 and a specialty college in the field of Middle Eastern History. Originally, a consortium of three scholars of which have PhD degrees from major universities, worked together to provide a unique four-year curriculum for a limited body of students. Because the institution is a training center for teachers relating to Middle Eastern History, it prepares the participants with the most detailed information on the land of Israel, both modern and biblical. This project was conceived in 2000 when Dr. Reese Powell PHD, now the president of Elijah School of the Prophet Institute, began to travel and discover the best specialist in the five major fields relating to Middle Eastern History. These fields of study include linguistics (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek), with Jewish culture, geography, archaeology, and history of the Middle East. After finding the scholars such as Dr. Paul Wright dean of Jerusalem University College, Jerusalem, Israel, Dr. David Bivin, CEO of Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research, Jerusalem, Israel and the late Dr. Dwight Pryor, Center of Judaic-Christian Studies, Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Marvin Wilson CEO/Dean of Gordon College, Wenham, Mass. and Dr. Brad Young, professor of Jewish Studies at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Ok. Dr. Powell then traveled to their universities, Judaic Research Centers, studied online and enrolled and studied under these brilliant mentors. The policy of quality education at the Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies is achieved by several unusual, but highly effective, methods of study. Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies has been updated to an additional website for a Learning Management Platform know as elijahschooloftheprophetwebex.thinkific.com We are now using the latest 3D animation software to create avatars presenting powerful course presentations with iclone7, Character Creator 3 software from Reallusion.com, face filter software for photo slides, Microsoft 365 PowerPoint, Prezi Presenter software for 3D and 4K picture slides, Adobe Premiere Element 2016 for Video Productions, Audacity Audio Production software, Wirecast7 studio and Cissco Web-EX for Live Webinars. If you are interested in registering in our courses, simply type in your web browser elijahschooloftheprophetwebex.thinkific.com We encourage our students to share in group discussions using our Common Room also known as the Chatroom, our Newsroom which is our Blog page here in WordPress, both Chatroom and Blog tabs are also located at the bottom of our website called elijahschooloftheprophet.com These tools enable us to meet the needs of our international student population with an extremely efficient and entirely student-centered learning system. If you would like to enroll in our free courses, we ask that you type in your web browser the link elijah-school-of-the-prophet-web-ex.thinkific.com Elijah School of the Prophet Research Center of Biblical Studies is incorporated in the state of West Virginia (under the umbrella Army of God Church in Christ, Inc.) as an independent, 501 © 3nonprofit institution of higher education, awarding specialized certificates and transcripts in various online webinar courses in elijahschooloftheprophetwebex.thinkific.com

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